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Almost every young child does it.  They take their stuffed animals or dolls, line them up and grab some old textbooks, makeshift paper and pencils. And plays teacher.  Countless boys and girls do it. There are some that are probably doing it right at this moment.  Little do they know – this childhood make believe classroom will be far from reality.  Nothing is ever as it seems.

We knew early that we wanted our make believe classrooms real.  What we didn’t know was that this reality was on its way to slowly becoming a nightmare. Budget cuts, Internet-driven students, increasing accountability, and cussing parents. 

The book is comprised of eight chapters of journal entries that reveal the types of days all educators experience.  The assembly that went wrong, tackles of first days, curse of the blank  e-mail, diet coke addiction, obsession for a new title, frustration of standardized tests, humorous potluck day and the inspiration of a school election surprise.  Diary of An Educator encompasses reality sprinkled with humor and inspiration. 

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