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SUBJECT: Need Advice

Do you need advice or just someone to vent your frustrations?  Email us your problem or question above and check out the many responses to emails below.  You may just find a solution to your situation below.

I have been in the public school system here in Atlanta for about 2 years.  I am working with a really difficult student..really trying to get him to be motivated and complete his work in class and outside of class.  I have tried bribing him with candy, fussing at him, trying to be his best friend, and everything in between, but he won’t do his work and he has a bad attitude….what should I do? 


K. R. in Atlanta, Georgia




Frustrated Teacher

When I walk into the teacher’s lounge at our school, I feel isolated.  A few of my collegues that I used to eat with have begun to eat with others and they do not invite me to sit with them.  Since there has been no invitation, I pass thru the lounge only to go back to my room to eat alone.  I am not sure how to handle this situation because it has made hallway duty a little awkward.  I really do not want to put in a transfer to another school because I love my students and parents.  How should I handle this?


Isolated Isabella

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To:  Frustrated Teacher in Atlanta, GA 

Bravo! Being brave enough to ask for help is the first step.  You will only attain the Super Teacher status by accepting the fact that sometimes you need the advice/help of others.  We will sum your advice up into the three  R’s.


Remember why you chose the teaching profession. Overcoming obstacles with children is the challenge you need to shape you into the great teacher you are becoming.

Realize that most motivational issues take time by first getting to know the childs likes/dislikes. Developing trust and a consistent reward system will help.

Rally the troops. Involve more people(parents, cafeteria, administration, other teachers that teach student). Involve others in your plan to help.


Every child is different and there are factors that make-up how a child behaves.  Small steps are still steps. Be encouraged and know that the children need you to NOT give up trying.




To:  Isolated Isabella

The most important thing to know is, Do not change schools..based on others actions especially since you love the children you work with daily.  Focus on other areas of your life and find encouragement in the rewarding work you do each and every day.  Allow this situation to make you stronger as an individual and do not involve yourself in treating the others as you are being treated.  Time stands still for no person.  Situations do tend to change over time.  Your isolation could be preparing you for a leadership role at your school. We hope this helps.  Take one day at a time. Breathe in, breathe out.

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