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Five Ways to Make Teacher Appreciation

More Meaningful 

JANUARY 1, 2017

Five Ways to Make Teacher Appreciation More Meaningful


January 1, 2017


In a time when educators are constantly plagued with layoffs, accountability woes, and increasing school crises, celebrating teachers is now more important than ever.


Most schools fall into one of these categories when celebrating teacher appreciation:  Actively led by PTA, led by administration, or non-existent. 


Whatever category your school falls into, teacher appreciation can use a boost.  Sweeping the nation, there is a trend of teachers retiring at the first chance possible.  If they are not retiring, they are simply leaving the profession. 


No matter what the buzz words in education for the year are or what side of the fence you’re on, everyone can agree on one thing: we must do a better job at appreciating our teachers.  Could we call for a collaborative effort to make Teacher Appreciation more meaningful?


So, before you purchase that quick, generic drug-store gift for a special teacher once a year or dismiss teacher appreciation altogether, please remember that he or she deserves so much more. 

In fact, there are five ways to make teacher appreciation more meaningful: 

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